Summer Guide Service

Multi Species Fishing!

When fish with us you will have our full attention. Our goal is to have you leave not only with having caught fish but leave with more knowledge of the great sport of fishing. You are never to old to learn new tricks and we even hope we can learn from you!

The Fish!

If its just fish you want to catch or if you want to learn a new lake! Give us a call. There isn't a species of fish we don't like to target in west central Minnesota!

About Us


Game On!

We are located near the prairie lake region of Minnesota, and what comes first to mind is walleyes. We have some of the best summer fishing for Walleyes anywhere in the state! But we also have great multi species fishing, Whether it is Pike, Bass, Walleye, or Panfish we have lakes that have it all! Elliot has had a passion for fishing since the day he could hold a rod. He grew up fishing the lakes west of Alexandria, MN and still to this day is out on the water whenever possible. He fishes two different fishing leagues, multiple tournaments, and many different lakes in the summer! And would like nothing more than to share a day on the water with you!


What to Bring!

If you have a favorite rod or piece of tackle you may bring it along however our guide trips are fully guided meaning all bait, tackle, and fishing equipment is provided. Bring a life jacket (we do have some available) food/beverage, sun screen, fishing license, as well as a great attitude to catch some fish!



Sponsors? Nope! We are not sponsored by any company so you will not be pushed to use any certain item because of a sponsorship. We just want you to catch fish and take away more knowledge of fishing upon departing. Our main goal is to get customers back again and teach them as we go. For anyone who has fished with us in the winter you know, we make customer service our #1 goal!